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This training course is organized to fulfil GCAA CAR-ORA requirements. Based on the ICAO guidance and the GCAA regulations, all the organization related matters with the authority will be covered including ...

  • Start date: 1/24/2021
    End date: 1/26/2021
  • AED 3150 + 5% VAT

A general familiarization course which will equip participants with a basic understanding of how airplanes fly, the systems needed to operate airplanes and how airlines and pilots and other entities work ...

  • Start date: 1/31/2021
    End date: 2/4/2021
  • AED 4500 + 5% VAT

By the end of this course, delegates will have workable knowledge of UAE Civil Aviation Regulations, its procedures, safety policy and methods to improve standards and compliance. The training will give ...

  • Start date: 2/2/2021
    End date: 2/4/2021
  • AED 2365 + 5% VAT

The 3- day intensive course provides a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry and the interaction of the different stakeholders who ensure safety and efficiency , allowing participants to expand their ...

  • Start date: 2/9/2021
    End date: 2/11/2021
  • AED 3150 + 5% VAT

This training  course is designed to equip the participants with fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to model, predict, and statistically evaluate aircraft reliability and to develop, implement, and manage an aircraft ...

  • Start date: 2/14/2021
    End date: 2/15/2021
  • AED 1575 + 5% VAT

Perform Airworthiness Reviews in an effective, competent and meaningful manner to satisfy a CAMO and the regulator, that you have the right competence for this activity. Regulatory personnel involves in performing ...

  • Start date: 2/16/2021
    End date: 2/16/2021
  • AED 1050 + 5% VAT

The aim of the course is to train participants on the standards, concepts and tools necessary for aviation organizations to manage internal safety occurrence reporting systems in line with the requirements ...

  • Start date: 2/21/2021
    End date: 2/22/2021
  • AED 2100 + 5% VAT

An intensive 3 days course that focuses on the catalysts of successful digital transformation endeavors. Participants will explore the key success elements in the digital transformation journey as well as the ...

  • Start date: 2/23/2021
    End date: 2/25/2021
  • AED 3150 + 5% VAT

This course provides you with the essential knowledge required to satisfy the legal requirement for a basic level of dangerous goods training and comply with the minimum training requirements for personnel ...

  • Start date: 2/24/2021
    End date: 2/25/2021
  • AED 1540 + 5% VAT